> Additionally, chip makers must provide fully paid for childcare and healthcare for everyone involved including construction workers. Obviously, this skyrockets the price of everything from the moment they break ground.

Will the CHIPS act not pay for that stuff? Ideally people would get actually decent benefits and the grant would pay for it.

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Ideally, the cost of childcare wasn't criminally high due to a desperate shortage of child care workers. Why is there a shortage of workers in that field? The same reason there aren't any cashiers at the supermarket, there aren't enough servers at the restaurant and there aren't enough contractors at the job site: the insane overreaction to Covid. In 2020, literally 20% of America's employees got laid off, and most of those were in filled service jobs. When the jobs came back, a surprising number of those who got laid off chose not to go back to work, permanently. If they are treated like they're irrelevant and easily replaceable, they responded in kind. So as a result, we can't find enough people to fill those roles, and with plenty of demand, child care centers have to raise wages to attract more workers. So as a result, they've had increase their prices by 30-50% since 2020, and sometimes more.

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I think they could probably use the subsidies for it but it doesn't specifically pay for it. It's a very large additional cost they have vs making fabs in other countries.

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