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Late Night Thought on Ukraine

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The Untold Story of Joker (2019)

Allegation: Bumble is Another Tech Fraud

The (main) reason I'm Very Excited about Apple Vision Pro

Returning to Photography

On the city vs. the Country

Billionaire Space Battle

Some Days...

The Splendor of Music

Sing and Dance while the Music is Played

Art is Paramount

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Who wants to make a killing together?


On Good Men

Jim Bradford: A Great Man

The Rise of AI Girlfriends

Rogue One and Andor are the Only Two Great Star Wars Properties Made Since the OT

For the Love of Dogs


Why you should always appreciate your Engineers

So, where are men and women supposed to meet each other now?

On Respect

Dating and Math

My Payment Inventions (Many of which have become real)

We Are Gods

On Novelty vs Peace in Dating and Relationships

Why Comparing Student Debt Forgiveness to PPP Loan Forgiveness is an Asinine Comparison

The Finance Industry is a Useless Drain on The Economy that Should be Made Illegal

On Objective Truth, Rational Arguments, and Politics

Values Make A Company - Here's Ours

Compared to Other Skilled Work - Engineers are Dramatically Underpaid

My Father Ended Up Giving Me a Deeply Moving Gift Today

It's Companies' Fault we don't want to Return to the Office

Here's a Great Idea for a Business

Recordings of Biden and Ukrainian President Leaked in 2020 Showing Clear Pay for Play

Regional Banks Scramble to Sell CRE Loans

A Guide to Data Driven Investing

"The Mass Extinction Event for startups is under way"

Sources Tell me some Messed Up Stuff is Happening in Commercial Real Estate

Breaking: Westfield Abandons the San Francisco Centre in huge collapse of retail in SF

The Most Beautiful Memory I have

You Won't Guess Who Wrote This

I Hate to Say This: Current EV Goals are Unrealistic

A SF Hotel Owner just gave back the keys...and left over $850 million in equity on the table

Apple VisionPro - What did we just see?

The Focus on Cost Minimization is a Bastardization of Capitalism

The Mystery of Consciousness

How I've retained top engineers for a decade

On the Difficulties of Living with a High IQ

In Memory of All Those who Gave the Ultimate Sacrifice

Some Fascinating Poll Results - Americans are starting to agree on some very important things

You can enjoy losing weight

Working Hard for Someone Else is Pointless: Working Hard for Yourself is Great

Mental health and school shootings

Augmented Reality is Bigger Than the Smartphone

The Illogical Vilification of CEOs

On Student Debt and Maximizing ROI

A quick follow up on the unfolding commercial office space disaster...the news isn't good

The Trials and Tribulations of being a Founder/CEO

Commercial Real Estate is a disaster

Why should we work anymore?

Why Elizabeth Holmes is going to prison

Elon showed tech how bloated they were

A Thank You Letter to the Man Who Made Me

A Quick Update on San Francisco's Commercial Property Tax Problem

It's the little things that matter

Dead Bank Walking

Success can be more stressful than failure

San Francisco is in deep trouble

The truth we don't want to admit about what makes a startup successful

My biggest takeaways after being a startup CEO twice

Returning to the office is counter-productive

A startup CEO's job as a binary decision tree

The ongoing flight of capital to higher yield

Why exactly do high interest rates dissuade VC investment?

The most important company in the world is a company you've never heard of

Rich students are a primary driver of the increase in the cost of housing in Boston

My best memory of college

AI is still pretty dumb

I once worked so hard for a startup, I lost a tooth

The rise of Omnivore - The company that changed the restaurant industry forever

The fall of SVB and the Story of Silicon Valley Recapitalization Fund, L.P.